viernes, 3 de mayo de 2013

Cosas que hicimos. / Stuff we did.

-How can I drink this?
- Hey, you draw me like a retarded.
- Now you draw me like a douchebag.
-I'im thinking about a straw that heats up your drink while drinking it.
- You invent 20 things a day, patent something, you pain!
- Haha, ok, write it down. 

- I'm gonna miss you so much. I wish you didn't set sail in that ship!
- The hour's not right. You're not going to arrive to the ship at time... Well, I'm gonna change your passage for tomorrow.
- The universe has a conspiracy to satisfy all your wishes, hasn't it?
- Yes.
- Smile!
- Not a Wallace & Gromit smile!

Gracias por la aventura, nos vemos en unos días! <3

Thanks for the adventure, see you in a few days! <3

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