martes, 11 de junio de 2013

Felices exámenes. / Happy tests.

Las grandes noticias de estos días son: ¡soy finalista de un concurso de diseño! Es un concurso especialmente interesante, porque, en el caso de que gane, van a imprimir mi logo en todos los productos de Sobrassada Mallorquina, el producto más característico de mi tierra, y que unos buenos miles de turistas se llevan a sus países al año. No es moco de pavo, me ha hecho mucha ilusión! Voy a pasar la semana de examenes muy contenta. Abajo, unos extractos del lifebook y un dibujete que me dio tiempo a hacer entre estudio y estudio.

Big news: I'm a finalist in a design contest! It's an interesting contest because, if I win, they're going to print my logo in all the products of Majorcan sausage, the most characteristic product of my land, and which a lot of tourists carry to their countries each year. It's nothing to sneeze at, I'm very excited! I'm gonna spend the tests week very happy. Below, some lifebook pages and a little drawing that I managed to do among study. 

Lifebook, 6 - 10 Junio/June

Mom: Pau has come to see you 5 minutes ago; he left because you weren't there.
Me: That boy, he could have waited for me! He must be around, I'm gonna call him.
Phone: The number you called is out of...
Me: DJGH-! I hate when that happens!
(The left page can only be understood by young spanish fellas).
Pau: HAHAH HAHAHA that's been so good!  HAHAHAHHOHO
Me: Honey, you are scaring me. 

Phone: You've been selected to be on the last phase of a design contest, congratulations!
Me: Oh, now I'm too happy to study well. /
Dreams I have.
Me: That was a catchy song. 

There's a boy in my class that makes me feel so tender and I don't even know why.
Me: Hope he does well at the exam

Cocinera de mundos. / Baker of worlds. 

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  1. Love your doodles! They are super loose and fun. I love the colors of the Bakers of the Worlds piece.

    1. Thank you, you are so kind!!! That really means a LOT coming from you!

  2. Que linda ilustración, siempre es un gustazo pasarse por aquí :D

    1. Mil gracias, pásate siempre que quieras! :D Un beso, guapa!