lunes, 15 de julio de 2013

Videojuegos. / Videogames.

Últimamente sueño con hacer un webcomic bonito y currado. Puede que lo haga, algún día. De momento, disfrutad de mis cutre dibujos a boli sobre folios escaneados! (Muy auténticos, por otra parte).


I've been dreaming about making a beautiful, elaborated webcomic. I may do it, someday. For the moment, enjoy my shabby pen drawings on scanned paper! (More authentic, on the other hand).

Take this, dumbass! SCORE: You > 20. Everyone else > 2034000
I'm super bad

You are good! You're gonna beat the record! / I don't work well under pressure! / Good bye.
Ew, I'm so bad, I'm never going to beat you. / Don't be so defeatist! With a little practise you'll get better. / See? You're already getting better. / Hey, hey! You are breaking me out! / YEEEAH!/ IMPOSSIBLE!

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